MaxTAF Cloud




Features of MaxTAF Cloud

MaxTAF cloud retains all the good from MaxTAF classic, but ditches some of it’s frustrating features including frequent installation requirements and a steep ‘out of the box’ learning curve.

It is suitable for users that wish to quickly and conveniently test the front end of their Maximo product to the highest standard. 

Friendly XML based scripting that can be mastered in a matter of days.

Immune to screen content changes and element re-arrangements.

Fully optimized for Maximo user interface. No additional tuning required.


UI Testing run straight from the cloud means testing begins and ends at the browser level


500+ Ready to use tests, available to use out-of-the-box

Why MaxTAF Cloud?

Allows testing more frequently, saving effort and cost

Automated testing best serves those that are looking to test frequently and iterate to success. If you aren’t yet thinking about testing frequently, now is the time to start!

The core principle is this: the later in the process a bug is found, the more expensive it becomes to fix (read more here), so testing a system (even daily) is the best way to catch bugs as soon as they happen and remove them before they become costly.

Automated testing reduces (and even eliminates) the chance for human error

A test automation framework running regression testing is always going to be more reliable, and quicker, than a manual tester.

The main advantage of human testers over automation is that usually with generic automated tools there is a high associated developer effort in learning to produce and then maintaining a test suite.

MaxTAF’s friendly MXML language and highly resilient UI testing capabilities save development and maintenance time, and make it far superior to manual testing therefore.

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Automated testing allows developers to make the most of their time

A core benefit of test automation is that it allows more confidence for developers and implementers to implement their code with success.

Automation eliminates the most time consuming, most repetitive, and least rewarding aspect of testing - regression. This gives more time, and freedom, to developers and project leaders looking to add more value to their work for a project’s fixed duration.