5 Noteworthy Software Testing Trends for 2018

With the pervasive waterfall methodology, software testing has always traditionally been a fairly settled affair - get to the end of your project cycles and get your testing team on it. In recent years this has all changed with trends toward automation and artificial intelligence.

5 Huge Quality of Life benefits to Automated Testing

If you’re a keen follower of our newsletter you will have read about a number of the  benefits of test automation. The return on investment can be mathematically calculated and automation will reduce the likelihood of occurrence, and damage, of costly bugs in your system by preemptively catching them.

How to Debug (if you’re coding in the 1940s)

Bugs - the bane of a programmers life. Life would be just great if we coded like wizards and everything worked first time. Or maybe the process just wouldn’t be as rewarding without those pesky obstacles.

Jargon Buster: Data Driven Testing

Data-driven testing (DDT) relates to a type of testing where the same test is executed many times over but each time with a separate input and output data scenario. The objective is to subject the system to tests with a variety of different data conditions in order to seek data specific defects.

5 reasons why Maximo Test Automation fails

Test automation can be a life saver that makes critical difference to the success of a Maximo project. But it also can be a failure that consumes both human and financial resources without giving much in return.

So what are the things to look out for? Here are some of the key factors in.

Epic Bugs: The Big Dark of 2003

How could a hot day, a tall tree and a software bug save your relationship?

Between them, they can cause a blackout which will stop you watching TV, make you talk to your partner over the candlelight and remember the good old days when you used to laugh and have fun and not watch Netflix the whole damn evening. Then, one thing leads to another.

The Maths Behind Testing ROI Calculator

Software quality assurance is complex and multifaceted. Perhaps the quickest definition would be that it is a process that strives to maximize the risk-benefit factor of an IT project.

Epic bugs: the curious case of the first sailor

Next time when you come across a job ad with a title “Full time Range Safety Officer”, do have a read as it could be of interest to you. Over here in the UK, most people would associate a “range” with a  “large cooking stove with burners or hotplates and one or more ovens, all of which are kept continually hot”.

Jargon Buster: Continuous Testing (CT)

It would appear there is not much to bust here - it is what it is. You just test continuously as all testers do anyway. That’s what they are payed for after all.

Despite its unexciting title, Continuous Testing (CT) is an important SDLC process with the ultimate purpose to give the business an indication of what level of risk exists in a new software release candidate.

Epic Bugs: Year 2038 Problem

What are you doing on Tuesday, January 19, 2038 at around 3.14am (GMT)? Sleeping I guess, but beware not to waste your last moments on Earth on some mundane dream. At least make your dream count: for me, early evening on a beach, hum of the sea, gorgeous women in bikinis playing volleyball, all in slow motion (cheesy I know but hey).