5 Huge Quality of Life benefits to Automated Testing

If you’re a keen follower of our newsletter you will have read about a number of the  benefits of test automation. The return on investment can be mathematically calculated and automation will reduce the likelihood of occurrence, and damage, of costly bugs in your system by preemptively catching them. It’s really something any system, especially one operating with Maximo, should be looking at implementing as a fundamental part of their development cycle.

There are also several quality of life benefits for both product managers and testers which should not be understated. Read on and we’ll discuss exactly how test automation can make testing both easy and genuinely exciting.

Automation takes the labour out of testing

Regression testing is hard not because it requires intensive technical skill but because it is painstakingly dull - your system likely has hundreds of different moving parts to it and you and your team needs to test every one to make sure they are working smoothly - as you know it will require clicking button after button for hours on end.

Further to that, it is very unrewarding work - there are two scenarios for regression testing - either you find nothing, which is great for the system but leaves you feeling like you wasted your time, or you find a bug, in which case you now need to go back and fix the bug - neither outcome is particularly positive.

It shouldn’t be surprising to hear, then, that automation is a great way to eliminate most of this very dull activity, and leave it to software to get on with instead. 

Automation grants you peace of mind and can reduce stressful bug fixing.

Alongside unnecessary labour, regression testing by humans opens itself up to one big flaw - human error - use automated testing to give yourself peace of mind throughout implementation processes and eliminate human error.

You may have one of the best software testing teams in the world, but at the speed they need to work to test everything, there is always the chance that a mistake was made and they didn’t catch a critical and potentially very damaging bug that will add heaps of unnecessary stress to the job.

Automated software testing eliminates the chance for human error, at least from a systematic perspective. There is no room for automated test software to ‘miss something out’ per se, so you can have peace of mind that you really are being thorough.

Of course the way you set up the tests you are running needs to be comprehensive, and an error here will scale across your testing scheme. On the flip side this is something that, as time goes on, you can improve and iron out any creases of. You can’t, on the other hand, reduce the chance of human error.

Automate your testing to reduce the chance of human error and give yourself peace of mind.

Automation frees up time for the fun stuff, like development

In eliminating the labour of human regression testing, one of the huge benefits of automated testing is that it will allow you to get on with the fun stuff - your creation of new features.

Once established properly automated tests can be run more expediently and in a shorter time than human tests. Instead of time budgeting for half your sprint being testing and verification, you can implement automated testing of your work daily, and just let your tests run overnight with very little maintenance involved.

This has the benefit of letting you get on with the fun stuff - actual creative task of introducing new features to your Maximo itself. You’ll find very quickly that your sprints are producing more features, requiring less testing (in terms of time) and you’re able to far more reflexively make changes to your product - this will hugely improve the quality of your life as a maximo professional because you’ll actually be exercising your creativity rather than your tolerance for button pushing.

You got into the business to create, right? With automation you can do much more of it.    

Automation catches bugs early (making fixes easier)

Another way automation frees up time for more creativity in programming is that it can make fixing bugs a lot easier. That’s because with daily automated tests you will catch bugs when they are very young and not so integrated into your code, so they won’t be as hard to find, nor will they be as hard to fix.

If you don’t want to be fixing huge bugs that could have been found a week or a month earlier, automate your testing today. There is no greater fear than releasing a system with a bug live, and for that bug then to potentially cost your company thousands of dollars while you desperately search for, and try to fix, the bug, with your manager breathing down your neck setting very demanding deadlines.

You’ll be spending less time fixing under pressure and more time developing, so this is yet another way to improve your life by allowing you to code more.

Automation provides reliable metrics for system improvement

This is a benefit for you as an employee within a large company - testing opens up more opportunities for the successes of you and your team to be recognised. First, as mentioned above, the efficiency of your development cycles will increase, and you will be able to confidently say you have introduced a quantifiable number more features to your system to better aid the success of the business.

Second, you can reliably count the number of system tests you have run, and be able to more confidently state exactly how confident you are that there will be no regression - ideally you’ll be 100% confident that your tests are comprehensively testing every facet of the system, although if you only partially automate your testing, then you can accurately say exactly what percentage of the system was tested and in what time.

Lastly, you can use ROI calculators for automated testing which use several formulas to work out exactly how much is being returned for the investment put in.

All of these are serious metrics which can benchmark the performance of your team, not only for your benefit but for your management as well. It should increase the quality of your life by putting you surer footing, having clearer targets to aim for and having more ways for you to measurably contribute to the success of the company.


Here we have discussed a number of interrelated benefits that test automation can make to the quality of your life. In summary, however, here is the rundown - automation can free up more of your time to develop, grant you peace of mind that you’ve caught every bug, make bug fixing easier, allow you and your team to develop more indications of your success and ultimately save you having to do one of the dullest IT tasks out there - regression testing. Try it out today and finally have fun with automating your tests.


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