MaxTAF 2.5.0 Released

Introducing MaxTAF: MXML Test Structure

MaxTAF version 2.5.0 is now available for download for Maximo 7.6 users. The Maximo 7.5 release variant will follow soon.

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MaxTAF 2.5.0 Release Notes


  • Support for Firefox up to version 47.0.1 (latest supported version by Selenium 2.x release)
  • Improved waitForUserAction command
  • Changed default log level of MaxTAF loggers from DEBUG to ERROR (only affects new installations)
  • Added time:addTime command
  • Stop Tests command from MaxTAF Administration now stops suites and not only the current test
  • Overhauled the editor dialog (minor cosmetic changes)
  • Massively reduced the size of test export files by excluding the TESTCASEOBJECTDATA attribute
  • Installation - Removed the step of running the load_presentation.bat. This is now done during the updatedb procedure.
  • Moved MaxTAF classes in maxtaf folder from "scripts" to "classes" sub-folder
  • MaxTAF static id now set to "-1" by default (off even for test runs - only affect new installations)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed - Editor dialog and report frame not displayed properly on latest Maximo 7.6 on Linux
  • Fixed - Various issues with displaying compile error messages
  • Fixed - Various issues with MaxTAF static ID set to "1" (always on)
  • Fixed - MaxTAF static ID sometimes not working for tests when set to "0" (turned on only for test runs)
  • Fixed - Test shows failed status in report if user created variable with the name "status"
  • Fixed - apiInput and apiOutput commands only support strings
  • Fixed - net:pingPort command now behaves properly for out of range ports
  • Fixed - Circular dependency between MaxTAF Test Case "Duplicate Test" and "New Test" security permissions

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