Advantages of Automated Testing Over Manual

Testing is overall an integral part of any kind of software project, but the Shakespearean dilemma whether to use manual or automated testing or even make a certain trade-off between those methods is a topic that could be resolved by considering following key factors that define their spot under the sun.

Vetasi chooses MaxTAF

Asset and maintenance management experts Vetasi have teamed up with Code Development, the creators of leading technology for the testing of Maximo EAM, after selecting MaxTAF as its strategic Quality Assurance technology.

Maximo Dynamic ID Problem

When constructing a web page, Maximo assigns dynamic id’s to the page elements. These dynamic id’s follow the format "mxnnn" where "nnn" is a sequential integer number. Being dynamically generated, these id’s are not exclusively assigned to specific elements which poses a major automation problem.