MaxTAF for Data Loading

MaxTAF is an efficient data migration and loading tool. Being embedded into Maximo, it can utilize all aspects of Maximo including the Maximo Integration Framework, which is the preferred data loading mechanism.

Why use MaxTAF for data loading?

Manual data loading process is a time and resource consuming task. Although Maximo provides data import facilities, the whole process requires constant supervision and attention. The data needs to be prepared for loading, pre-validated, pushed into Maximo and checked post-load. All of these segments of the process are performed by data loading experts who have to monitor each step of the way and intervene where necessary. This is a mentally strenuous task as most of the time it involves passive monitoring of the computer screen with very few creative inputs.

MaxTAF can automate this whole process, starting with preparation and transformation of the provided data files, loading data into Maximo through multitude of channels, and finally checking the loaded data and creating a load report. These different parts of the process are contained in data loading scripts, which can then be chained together in order for the whole batch to be executed with a single press of a button. This in turn saves time and resources, as your data loading expert can focus on more important activities while MaxTAF is carrying out the data loading tasks.