MaxTAF Features

Add-on solution for Maximo

MaxTAF is a testing framework that is fully optimised for Maximo.

MaxTAF does not require any additional software or hardware to run it as it is an integral part of Maximo.
Same user interface as Maximo so there is no learning curve to navigate MaxTAF.
JUnit tests written using MaxTAF editor are instantly deployed to Maximo.

Simultaneous cross layer testing of Maximo

MaxTAF provides the capability to do cross layer testing of Maximo enabling interfaces, business logic, MIF and database layers to be tested in the same test case.

Multiple options for writing test scripts

MaxTAF offers a range of scripting options for Maximo including:

  • Simple Record and Play capability for User Interface testing.
  • Popular XML style scripting for the extended testing of the Maximo including Integration Framework (MIF), business logic and data layers.
  • JUnit/JAVA scripting for ultimate power testing of Maximo

Powerful MIF testing capability

MaxTAF automates integration testing including:

  • Simulating external systems by sending messages to Maximo to any of the end points
  • Monitoring flow of messages in and out of Maximo
  • Diagnosing the health of all elements of MIF infrastructure