SaaS, Testing, Agile methodologies, and how MaxTAF brings them all together

SaaS, Testing, Agile methodologies, and how MaxTAF brings them all together

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 Bringing agile to your dev team is often a challenging process. 

The main goal of introducing Agile is to improve productivity, and reduce waste. But, it does require more planning, greater individual accountability and most importantly, it requires every team member to get on board with it.

There are several ways teams do this, but one core concept of agility is tooling up with technologies, platforms and services that can enable a fast paced development environment.

Test automation is one such tool, and SaaS tools are another. Read on to see how they help agility, and how MaxTAF brings them together to be an ideal tool for agile teams. 

Test automation enables agility

Test automation is often classically cited as a tool that is used to replace the necessary large amount of hours needed to manually carry out testing, while maintaining the overall Quality assurance of the system. 

However, test automation is, itself, a full time occupation, and if implemented inefficiently can consume more time than it saves. So additional tools to help test automation is a sensible consideration to make.

SaaS enables agility

Software as a service is a model where it can often be unclear what the benefits are. However, SaaS is most certainly a useful, modern product delivery model that most agile teams will, in some way, be already benefitting from. 

Services like Jira, Bitbucket, Hubspot and Google’s application suite are all great examples of extremely widely used SaaS products. 

In terms of value to their customers, What unifies these tools are:

  • Convenience
  • Relatively low price point and low commitment through a subscription model
  • Great support
  • Most critically, the rapid time from initially subscribing to gaining genuine benefit from these services.

MaxTAF provides SaaS Test Automation

MaxTAF is a software as a service (SaaS/Cloud) platform, which brings together a wide variety of technologies and tools to assist QA teams. 

MaxTAF is an IDE and operations environment for teams using open source testing technologies, such as Selenium:

  •  It fully supports the development of any framework or test script, in any of the most popular languages offered with Selenium (Java, Python, C#, Javascript). 
  • Tests can be ran, in parallel and at scale, through MaxTAF’s extensive Selenium grid, powered by AWS. 
  • All of this is offered in the cloud, with no installation or maintenance required. 

Hopefully you can see that MaxTAF is a perfect fit for agile teams, combining the time saving benefits of both test automation and SaaS to produce an even more efficient, flexible and powerful solution. 

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