How Do I Open a New Tab in Webdriver IO with JavaScript?

How Do I Open a New Tab in Webdriver IO with JavaScript?

In modern web development and testing scenarios, opening a new tab is a common requirement. This article explains how to do it using WebDriver IO with JavaScript on a web page like the Wikipedia Main Page.

Opening a New Tab in WebDriverIO

WebDriverIO is a powerful tool for automating web browsers. It provides a method `newWindow()` to open a new tab or window in the browser. This method takes one argument, the URL to open.

  await browser.newWindow('');

This simple line of code will open a new tab in your browser and navigate to the Wikipedia Main Page. Note that after running this command, WebDriver IO will automatically switch context to the newly opened tab.

Here is an example test that uses the above code snippet.

See Working Example

Opening a new tab can be useful in many situations, such as when you want to compare the contents of two pages, or when a user interaction on your page results in a new tab being opened and you need to test the contents of this new tab.

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