What is MaxTAF Cloud?

What is MaxTAF Cloud?

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MaxTAF Cloud is a platform geared towards teams of all sizes to develop, manage and run Selenium Webdriver tests, all from their browser. 

MaxTAF replaces and improves on a number of technologies used to develop Selenium tests in modern QA teams (see below for more). But that isn’t the main benefit of MaxTAF - after all you probably have the tools for all that already. 

The main benefit is the tight integration of all these facilities in one unified platform, which works straight out of the box. It needs no hardware and requires no additional expertise or resources. Updates are instantly and continuously rolled out. 

Ultimately MaxTAF saves QA teams time and lets them focus on their real mission - using their Selenium expertise to create tests and improve system reliability. 

MaxTAF is free to use and includes all the below features. Sign-up using this link and begin exploring today.

MaxTAF Features

  • Develop tests and frameworks in MaxTAF’s powerful IDE and file system (in Java, Python, C# or Javascript)
  • Run tests on MaxTAF’s extensive Selenium grid
  • Produce graphical test run reports through Allure
  • Scheduling, live test runs and more.

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