Lesson 7.A: Changing Schedule Timing


MaxTAF provides flexibility in the timing of schedules, allowing you to create schedules as frequently as your payment plan allows. By default monthly, weekly and daily schedules are allowed. When setting weekly schedules, you can choose which days of the week the schedule will be executed. When setting monthly schedules, you can choose on which day or week of the month and how often (on a monthly basis) you want the schedule to be run.

To provide an example of a monthly schedule as described above, you can set a schedule that runs every second tuesday of the month. An example of where monthly schedules can be useful is if you want to schedule some tests around a monthly database cleanup to make sure nothing on the site was broken by the process.

To edit the timing of a schedule:

  1. Navigate to the schedule list via the side navigation menu
  2. Alternatively you can use the schedule tab in the page for the suite/case that is being scheduled

  3. Click on the schedule you wish to edit

  4. In the section labelled "Schedule data", click on the pencil icon next to the "Schedule" row

  5. From the following dialog your options are self-explanatory

If the tab for the timing you wish to use, e.g. minutely, is greyed out it means your MaxTAF license does not allow you to run schedules with that timing.

Any created schedule can be paused/resumed by accessing the schedule page and clicking "Pause" or "Resume" depending on whether the schedule is active or not.

You can find the documentation on scheduling here.