Lesson 7.B: Schedule Run Data


Schedules can be executed with similar settings as cases and suites. You can provide parameters for the execution and change the settings of those parameters so they are used exclusively (ignoring other parameters), with higher priority (override any conflicts with existing parameters) or you can set the parameters to be used in place of any pre-existing case or suite parameters.

The most frequently used parameter to be used with schedules is mx.notify. When used with mx.notify.email it will send an email to each of the specified addresses upon the execution of the item being scheduled.

To set parameters for a schedule:

  1. Navigate to the schedules list via the side navigation menu

  2. Click on the desired schedule

  3. From the following page scroll down to the section labelled "Run data"

  4. Click the pencil icon next to the "Run params" row

  5. Enter the chosen parameter key-value pairs and confirm

  6. You can then change the parameter settings as described above by using the dropdown menu on the "Run params type" row

You can view the documentation on parameters here.