Lesson 2: Cases



In MaxTAF cases are collections of data which contain a test script among other details. Each test script is runnable assuming the script within can be compiled (If using a compiled language) and if a valid server is provided as a parameter.

From a test case's page, you can view generic details from the "main" tab, including name, description, parameters, etc. And you can edit the script for the case in the "script" tab. You can also schedule execution directly from the "Schdeule" tab and view the run the log for this case from the "Run Log" tab.

To create a Test Case that will be immediately runnable you should:

  1. Navigate to the Cases Page in MaxTAF Cloud using the side navigation menu.

  2. Click ‘Create’ at the top of the page presented to you.

  3. Enter the chosen name for the test.

  4. Select the language you want to use in the same dialog.

  5. Select the ‘Basic UI’ template.

  6. Click ‘Create’ to confirm.

As you chose the ‘Basic UI’ Template the test will be created with enough code and the correct parameters so it can be run straight away.

To run this code simply:

  • Access the Case’s Page from the list on the Cases Page.

  • Click ‘Run’ and then ‘Run’ again in the following dialog.

For more information on Cases and what other functionality they provide check out our documentation on Cases here. Alternatively, to see more information on running test cases, check out the relevant documentation here.