Lesson 3: Suites



Suites are used in MaxTAF to group up cases, so they can be run together in a single run.

To create a Suite, you should:

  1. Navigate to the Suites page via the navigation menu.

  2. Click ‘Create’.

  3. Name the suite in the following dialog and confirm.

  4. From within the suite’s page click ‘add items’ to start adding cases (you can add the same case multiple times).
  5. In addition to test cases, suites can contain other suites. If you want to add a suite click the "Suites" tab in the "Add items" dialog

Running this suite will run each test within it, in the order specified by each item's sequence number. Items with the same sequence number will be run in parallel.

To run a suite, follow the same steps as you would for running a test case (Clicking ‘run’ and then ‘run’ again in the following dialog) but from the suite’s page instead.

To find out more information on Suites check out the documentation here.