Lesson 5: Schedules



MaxTAF Cloud allows you to schedule tests so they can be run automatically in intervals decided by you.

To create a schedule you:

  1. Navigate to the Schedules page via the side navigation menu.

  2. Click ‘Create’ in the following list.

  3. Enter the name and choose which item you wish to be scheduled (this can be a suite or a case).

  4. Choose the timing of your schedule.

  5. Click ‘Create’ to confirm.

Now you have created a schedule that will run the chosen test case or suite once every day at the specific time you chose. This can be changed to be weekly or monthly by clicking the pencil icon next to ‘Schedule’ under the ‘Schedule Data’ area in the schedule’s page.

For weekly schedules you can choose which days it will be executed on

For monthly schedules you can choose on which week, day and time it will be executed

You can learn more about schedules here.