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Free Forever

Free Forever

What you get

    Selenium Development

  • IDE Specialised for Selenium Development
  • Workspace (file-system) for library and class management
  • Test Case Management

  • Suites for organising and batch running tests
  • Reporting

  • Autogenerated graphical reports
  • Results last for 1 day
  • Scheduling

  • Create up to 2 Schedules for Suites or Cases
  • Case Execution

  • 1 Cloud Selenium Node to run tests on
  • General

  • 1 Project*



What you get

All free features +

    Run Recording

  • Video recording of case runs
  • 5gb of dedicated video storage
  • Greater Execution Control

  • Jenkins Plugin
  • API access (for invoking test executions from an external source
  • Terminal access
  • Security

  • Private projects
  • Increased Quotas

  • 1 Dedicated Node for test runs (for development and execution)
  • 2 On-demand Nodes for test runs (short spin-up time required)
  • 1 vCPU Docker Power
  • Unlimited Schedules
  • 30 day result storage



What you get

All free and Standard features +

    Professional Level Quotas

  • 2 Permananent Nodes
  • 10 Spin-up Nodes
  • 2 vCPUs
  • 25gb Video Storage
  • 60 Result Storage


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IBM Maximo Add-on

To enquire about demos and pricing for MaxTAF Cloud for Maximo, visit the website.


  • Comes with all the specialist libraries and technology for hyper-smooth Maximo test automation.
  • MaxTAF Editor provides scripting assistance for the Maximo specialised MXML language.
  • Import and run MaxTAF Recorder scripts - no editing required.
  • Support from Maximo experts.