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Selenium WebDriver Basics (Java) Java
Selenium Webdriver action chains (Java) Java

With Selenium Webdriver it is possible to create a chain of actions to implemented with one line

Is selenium a framework or a tool? General

Generally, In automation a tool is considered to be an instrument to carry out specific functions

Can Selenium Webdriver run in the background? Python

Selenium Webdriver can run in the background, i.e.

Locators In Selenium WebDriver (Java/Python) Java, Python

In selenium, you can only locate elements using locators, commands which when provided the correc

Clear text from textarea with selenium (Python) Python

As shown clearly in the script for this example, to clear what is written in a text area using th

Test if element is present using Selenium WebDriver? (Python) Python

The easiest way to check if an element is present on a web page is to find all the elements match

Selenium Webdriver: Wait Until Element is Present (Python) Python

To wait for an element to be visible in Python use WebDriverWait and an expected condition as sho

Is there a way to get element by XPath in Selenium WebDriver? (Python) Python

WebElements can be located with selenium WebDriver using XPaths.

Wait for page load in Selenium (Python) Python

To wait until the page is loaded, the easiest way is to use a WebDriverWait to force the driver t

WebDriver - wait for element using C# C#

In order to explicitly wait until an element is visible, the most direct and simple way is to use

How to switch to the new browser window, which opens after click on the button? (C#) C#

In order to change to a newly opened tab, use window handles as shown in the following script.