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How do I find an element that contains specific text in Selenium Webdriver (Java)? Java

To locate an element, you need to find the element based on its XPath as you can specify the text

How to select an option from drop down using Selenium WebDriver C#? C#

To select an option from a drop-down menu in C#, you can find the element directly using its XPat

How to select a drop-down menu value with Selenium using Python? Python

WebDriver - wait for element using Java Java

In order to explicitly wait until an element is visible or clickable, the most direct and simple

How to switch to the new browser window, which opens after click on the button? (Java) Java

In order to change focus to a newly opened tab or window, use window handles as shown in the foll

Python Selenium accessing HTML source Python

In order to interact with the entire page source in Python, you need to use the page_source prope

How can I ask the Selenium-WebDriver to wait for few seconds in Java? Java

To tell the Selenium WebDriver to wait for a specified amount of time use Thread.sleep

Getting the return value of Javascript code in Selenium (Java) Java

In order to return values from Javascript code, you need to execute your chosen Javascript code u

Execute JavaScript using Selenium WebDriver in C# C#

The following script shows how to use IJavaScriptExecutor, C#'s version of Java's JavascriptExecu

How to open a new tab using Selenium WebDriver? (Java) Java

The following code shows how to open a link in a new tab using Keys.chord(...) in the first test

Using Selenium Web Driver to retrieve value of a HTML input (Java) Java

To get the text entered into an input element, use element.getAttribute("value") where element is

How to perform mouseover function in Selenium WebDriver using Java? Java

To mouse over elements, you need to use the Actions class to build and perform the MoveToElement