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Test if element is present using Selenium WebDriver? (Java) Java

Selenium c# Webdriver: Wait Until Element is Present C#

To wait for an element to be visible in C# use WebDriverWait and an expected condition as shown b

Is there a way to get element by XPath using JavaScript in Selenium WebDriver? Javascript

WebElements can be located with selenium webdriver using XPaths.

Wait for page load in Selenium (Java) Java

To wait until the page is loaded, the easiest way is to use a WebDriverWait to force the driver t

How do I find an element that contains specific text in Selenium Webdriver (Python)? Python

To locate an element, you need to find the element based on its XPath as you can specify the text

How can I take a screenshot with Selenium WebDriver? (Java) Java

You can save screenshots using the TakeScreenshot driver.

Difference between webdriver.Dispose(), .Close() and .Quit() C#

Of the three methods, dispose() is only used in C# tests and means the exact same thing as quit()

Selenium: How to use 'Waits' in Selenium Java Java

With Selenium, there are three ways of waiting for elements: explicit wait, implicit wait and flu