About us

Driven by Powerful automation, Reliable technology, Intuitive solutions, Accessible platform

Everything we do is based on a four-pronged approach : delivering technical excellence and feature rich solutions; Ensuring enhanced user experience; Providing responsive & agile customer service; and always facilitating open & engaged communications.

Managing Director & Product Owner

Dusko is the founder, managing director and visionary for MaxTAF, and has guided us to success for over 20 years. MaxTAF is a result of his vision – to improve the accessibility and power of coding to the wider world.

With a deep background in technology, coding and software development, Dusko heads up the majority of cutting-edge R&D operations for MaxTAF.

Director of Business Operations

Having worked with MaxTAF for over 5 years, Alex is a seasoned Sales, Marketing and Operations professional with expertise in partner engagement, revenue generation and business growth.

Alex’s skillset lies in his ability to translate often opaque technological concepts into human-understandable communications – and we thank him for it.

The team

A family-owned business, working alongside Dusko and Alex is a team of developers, programmers and IT specialists, responsible to ensure the smooth and efficient running of MaxTAF’s automation technology solutions and therefore, also in support of your critical business systems and enterprise solutions.

In addition to the in-house team, is a number of independent experts and associates, all equally committed to achieving MaxTAF’s full potential and company vision.

Chief of Customer Success

With a pragmatic and first-principles approach, Marko is MaxTAF’s chief customer liaison.

Whether that is providing support, delivering training or working to ensure solutions are up and running for clients, Marko is a valued ambassador for MaxTAF with all of our customers.

Senior Developer

For the past six years, Danijel has been a crucial part of our team, leading the development of our cloud web application, MaxTAF.

His expertise in microservice architecture, database management, and various programming languages, including Angular and Spring Boot, ensures the smooth operation and quality of our services.

Chief of Security

Paul is responsible for leading MaxTAF information security project.

Reviewing and improving our security practices and controls, Paul’s eye for detail helps ensure that MaxTAF, and the data our clients store on it, is kept secure and available when they need it.

Salesforce Project Lead

Will is a dedicated Software Developer and an aspiring Master’s graduate in Computer Science with a focus on Artificial Intelligence.

At MaxTAF, he’s making significant contributions through his work on a recorder program for Salesforce UTAM tests, showcasing his commitment to enhancing our technological capabilities.

At MaxTAF (Owned by Code Development Limited), we are a responsible business, committed to playing our part for a better future. Our corporate values of Delivering Technical Excellence, User Driven Solutions, Innovative Mindset and Engaged and Collaborative Behaviours sit at the heart of our innovation and sustainability aspirations.

The team at MaxTAF support the delivery of the United Nations Global Compact and the achievement of its Sustainability Development Goals. We are playing our part through the solutions we deliver and the way in which we do business.

Supporting the principles of SDGs 8, 9 & 16

  • Driven by a powerful, reliable, intuitive and accessible automation technology solutions, the feature-rich MaxTAF platform provides advanced enterprise IT assurance, streamlined release cycles, enhanced processes and effective risk management. Our ultimate goal; to ensure the confident and efficient running of your critical business systems and enterprise solutions.
  • The MaxTAF SaaS platform is globally accessible, immediately available any time of day or night and without restriction for permissioned access holders. This facilitates flexible and remote working from anywhere in the world.
  • MaxTAF solutions are all cloud based and therefore broadly carbon neutral by their very nature, compared with legacy or manual systems and solutions. (Cloud- hosted solutions generate an estimated -88% carbon footprint versus traditional data centres [AWS Cloud Enterprise Strategy Blog: IT and ESG: How IT can and must further the company’s ESG efforts, by Mark Schwartz February 2022].)

Aligning to SDGs 1, 3, 5, 10 & 12

  • We wholly support and embrace the principles of flexible working. As a business, we each work remotely, using technology, virtual meeting and networking tools to facilitate communication, team connection and engagement.  
  • We are committed to reducing waste, increasing our use of renewable and recycled / recyclable resources and maximising efficiency. 
  • Using only green energy to power our business and a cloud-based approach to hosting our platform and solutions, we are minimising the carbon footprint of our operations.   
  • We believe in fairness, transparency and corporate integrity when I t comes to operating our business.  Including fair employment contracts, prompt payment to employees, suppliers and partners, and in the meeting of all our tax and legal obligations.
  • MaxTAF is an equal opportunities organisation and fully embeds both the actions and principles of diversity, inclusivity and belonging.
  • We are also committed to the training, investment in and personal development of our staff, encouraging flexible working and a focus on mental health and well-being.