What is PageIntel?

PageIntel is a Chrome Browser Extension which extracts page data and supplies it to Large Language Models like ChatGPT as part of the prompt window.

This allows us to develop convenient, page contextual, precise and trustworthy ‘AI tasks’ to automate a wide variety of complex, information based tasks.

In addition to page data, we can also include data from API end-points, including system databases and doc stores, to further add context, precision and relevance to our AI task output.

Feature highlights

Why adopt PageIntel into your Generative AI toolkit?

By storing pre-written AI tasks and having them ready-to-go at the click of a button, we can speed up and optimize our AI collaboration workflows.

We can use PageIntel to centralize the usage of Generative AI, meaning that one person’s prompt-engineering efforts can be utilized by the entire organization.

By pre-writing our prompts and data sourcing, we can effectively govern the reliability, precision, trustworthiness and effectiveness of AI usage in our organisation.

PageIntel Benefits

At MaxTAF, a key research and development focus is on the applications of Generative AI in the automation space.

We are continually producing and refining our tools to work closely with our automation products, but we are also exploring new ways that we can provide the IT space with useful tools.

In light of that, have released an exciting open-source chrome extension called PageIntel.

PageIntel enables you to use web page content in ChatGPT (and other text based generative AIs) prompts – this allows our users to automatically leverage some of the strengths of AI in their day-to-day browser based activities.