How it works

At MaxTAF, we integrate the very best of available features, functionality and advanced technologies together, to ensure a powerful and robust business and process automation platform.

Championing both broad compatibility and flexibility, our platform can easily and skilfully connect with and enhance the performance of multiple applications and web services.

Take a look at how MaxTAF’s automation engine works, and the some of the features and functionality it offers.

And with pre-configured, no set-up needed browsers for execution, MaxTAF makes automating browser activities used in business processes a breeze.

  • Sending and receiving data
  • Triggering processes in other applications
  • Modifying data in other applications

These tools have each been specially selected tried and tested before being integrated as part of MaxTAF’s solution.

This core functionality enables you plan, schedule, sequence and organise your workflows in advance and in multiple, therefore saving you time and allowing you to maximise efficiencies and use of valuable resources.

The output and outcome of utilizing these tools include time saving, enhanced error detection, performance consistency and real time monitoring for audit and compliance purposes.