Data loading

By leveraging MaxTAF’s easy-to-use automation scripting tools, we can build data loading workflows easily, reliably and with a high degree of sophistication.

Benefit from loading data through the front-end, at scale, all with low-effort and productive results.


By using MaxTAF’s phenomenal script building facilities, you can deploy complex data loading workflows with ease, while benefitting from the safety nets of your Maximo data validation configurations.

What to expect with MaxTAF for Data?

Highly scalable data loading

Rich data workflows

Maximum confidence

Solution spotlight

What sets MaxTAF apart for data management on IBM Maximo & MAS?

Complex workflows created easily

Unlike other options, MaxTAF’s data loading solution is a piece of automation, meaning we have many options for data loading instead of simple row-by-row into the DB.

MaxTAF’s script recorder and low-code MXML language provides an intuitive development workflow, enabling rapid, high-quality workflow scripting.

This means we can produce rich data load workflows quickly and effectively.

Through the Maximo UI

Unlike other solutions, MaxTAF provides data loading through the front end (although direct-DB options are still available!).

Taking this approach allows you to leverage all the data validation configurations already in your Maximo system, resulting in an extra layer of data quality assurance to pass

This lowers the chance for error, and raises your confidence in the data loading exercise, and reduces ‘post-load’ data correction and revision.