At MaxTAF, we’ve built our platform with a clear vision – harnessing the immense power of modern tech to deliver an accessible, yet formidable, SaaS IT Automation solution. We truly believe that complex doesn’t have to mean complicated.

In simple terms, we focus on output and outcomes, ease of use and reliability of process, bringing the most powerful of performance capabilities together within a single platform.

That’s why we’ve engineered a tool set that’s notably intuitive yet impressively versatile – delivering unmatched automated testing capabilities right from an easy-to-navigate cloud-based platform.

What is MaxTAF?

Driven by our powerful, reliable, intuitive and accessible automation technology solutions, the feature-rich MaxTAF platform provides advanced Enterprise IT assurance, streamlined release cycles, enhanced processes and effective risk management.

MaxTAF’s automation platform delivers exceptional UI, supports multiple applications, is future proofed and technology-agnostic, with unlimited API connectivity and generative AI functionality, all packaged into a simple and easily accessible cloud-based SaaS solution. 

How are we different?

Code Forward

Code is one of the most powerful tools of the modern age, and nothing else quite matches it.

Instead of replacing programming, we have designed MaxTAF to make coding as accessible as possible.

Full Control

MaxTAF is unlike any other SaaS technology – we have designed it to be a fully configurable, fully fledged computer.

This offers considerably more opportunities than less-flexible alternatives.

Intuitive design

Unlike other coding platforms, we have designed our platform to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible.

This moves with our ethos to make automation via code as accessible and uncomplex as possible.

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Read on to understand the different levels of sophistication that can be achieved with MaxTAF

MaxTAF can be utilised effectively whether your aims are large or small, and is suited to businesses of all sizes – from SMEs to global enterprises.

At the core of any automation, is a script. Using simple code, we can instruct MaxTAF to perform actions in the browser, or send and receive information and instructions via API.

Together with MaxTAF’s rich set of script execution features, we are left with an extremely flexible and powerful way to automate our business processes.

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When we have some scripts written, we can use MaxTAF’s intuitive and powerful Suites facility to orchestrate and sequence our scripts.

This means we can build complex automation workflows out of individual targeted scripts.

For example, we can use one script to scrape pricing information from a supplier website, collect that data in MaxTAF and tidy it up with another script, and then we can deploy a final script to populate our CRM with our collected and cleaned data.

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After establishing our scripts and workflows, we can look ahead to building fully-fledged software solutions to solve our business needs.

At MaxTAF we do this all the time, and our customers thank us for it.

For example, by taking our automation scripts and running hundreds of times in-parallel, and then recording the system metrics, we were able to use MaxTAF to effectively conduct flexible and believable performance testing.

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