Optimized business solutions from MaxTAF

At the most advanced level of MaxTAF automation, it is possible to build complete and fully-packaged-up software solutions to meet your needs and solve your problems, leveraging all the power and flexibility MaxTAF has to offer.

See below a selection of the industry solutions we have produced for supported technologies, to ensure your systems run as effectively and efficiently as possible.


We have produced many packaged and bespoke solutions for our clients using MaxTAF – but you can create your own also!

Because MaxTAF is a flexible and technology agnostic platform, you can leverage it’s power to create advanced automation solutions to solve just about any problem, from handling data through to performing robotic workflows.

Imagination is the only limit when it comes to MaxTAF bespoke solutions.

You can do this yourself (DIY style), supported and guided by our team of MaxTAF solution experts, or can simply tell us what you need and we can create something tailored specifically to needs and requirements.

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Do you have an IT automation problem you are struggling to solve?

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